I am sure you will have seen the news about Doctors in China and New York using high dose Vitamin C.in the fight against Corona Virus.  The Chinese and South Korean hospitals, and as of Monday March 23rd 2020, all the hospitals in New York, are giving all Covid-19 patients high dosage vitamin C.

Most of us have known forever just how important this Vitamin is for our immunity, however what many of us don’t know is that we need fairly high doses. I interviewed Dr Sarah Myhill recently (I will bring you that interview soon) and she was adamant that we should all be taking Vitamin C and we should take even more if we are unwell.

Its often cited that Lpsomal Vitamin C is far more bio-available to our bodies, some studies site that is 90% bio-available compared to pill or powder form which is just 16-20% bio-available.

The only problem is that to buy Liposomal Vitamin C it is ridiculously expensive and to get the dose she recommended to keep immunity high and fight off infection the cost would be prohibitive for most.Enter into the frame Helena Cavan who is the founder of The Milestone Detox, she also runs her platform Composalife and has done  amazing research which has led to a first workshop  ‘How to Make Your Own Liposomal Vitamin C’ for 1/20 of the price of the leading brand

This workshop is available only on her platform The Composalife Network and will be 50% off regular price as part of this launch campaign.  Buy it here (please note I am not on commission)

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You’ll cover the cost of the course in the first batch of Liposomal Vitamin C that you make!  You can complete this workshop at your own pace and in your own time. You will learn Why we need Vitamin C, Why Liposomal and Why Now.  You will learn about the dosages, tools and ingredients required and a simple 3 step process that shows you how to make it.  There is also a Geeks Only section filled with compelling research videos and papers.

 In this workshop you will learn how to make our own Liposomal Vitamin C for 1/20 of the price of the market leading brand.

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If you buy it now you will also get access to Helena’s online workshop presentation on Sunday evening March 29th 2020   Please note I am not on commission for this, but please let Helena know I recommended you, I just totally believe in it!