From HRT to natural solutions there is so much conflicting advice and information about the menopause, but Jane Thurnell-Reed dispels the myths and finds the evidence for what really works. 

Her new book ‘Menopause Weight Loss: Live Well, Sleep Well, Stop Hot Flashes & Lose Weight’ is now available as a paperback and eBook via Amazon. Shortly available as an audio book via Amazon, Audible and iTunes. 




Jane is an indie author and blogger writing about health and wellbeing. She’s in her seventies and believes passionately that it’s possible to get fitter, happier and healthier whatever you age. She’s a keen gym goer and last year she did a 77kg deadlift. Jane is known for explaining complex research in a way that is easy to understand and apply immediately. She’s also known for her chatty and humorous style of writing that conveys these ideas in an enjoyable way. 




Menopause can feel chaotic. Women often feel their body and mind are out of control. There’s lots of advice and unrealistic promises about menopausal symptoms, much of it is designed to promote products or create startling headlines or a great social media post.  

This book looks at the research and bases its advice on what has been shown to be effective, explained in ways that are practical and easy-to-apply. It is evidence-based with over 200 scientific/medical references, rather than just repeating the fluff and misinformation widely available on the web. 

It is not anti-HRT or strongly pro-HRT but looks at the evidence for both options, offering practical actions that any woman can take. 

Subjects covered include weight management. exercise, hot flashes, osteoporosis, menopause mindset, anxiety and brain fog, complementary therapies, etc. Looking at questions and topics such as: 

Is weight gain at the menopause inevitable? 

Exercise – what works and when not to do it 

3 surprising weight loss strategies 

Happiness and purpose after the menopause 

A 7-step plan to eat out without stress

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